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蔡少琪Kiven Choy   A. 加爾文和改革宗神學研究的近代幾個主要發展近代改革宗神學研究大師查理.穆勒(Richard A. Muller)的著作和提出的方法論已經主導了當今對加爾文神學和的改革宗神學的研究。穆勒於2003年完成的《宗教改革後的改革宗教義》Post-Re…

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0 Oct 20, 2012


转自 新密市基督教网 1.真正的改革宗神学具有真正的大公精神 任何神学都是人对上帝的圣言的反思。上帝的圣言是完全的,任何人的神学都不是完全的。上帝是无谬的,上帝的圣言是无谬的,但任何人对上帝的圣言的解释都不可能是完全无谬的。改革宗神学也是如此。因此,真正的改革宗人士所高举的并不…

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0 Oct 20, 2012


 作者:弗雷姆弗雷姆在反思西方改革宗神学的时候强调,对于很多 “改革宗人士”而言,“很少致力于培养肢体之间的爱,也很少培养对身体之外人士的爱。”我们固然应当欣赏、珍惜改革宗传统在神学、治理等各个方面取得的成就,但我们“生命的中心不应当放在宗派和传统上,而是应当放在基督和圣经上。…

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0 Sep 30, 2012

Shouwang Church takes legal action against cops for religious persecution

Posted: 23 Sep 2012 06:47 PM PDT Shouwang Church leader submits document accusing officers of repressing worshippersShouwang Church, one o…

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0 Sep 24, 2012


  孟渊沛   转自博讯   根据享有盛誉的史学家蒋廷黻先生的《中国近代史大纲》一书,义和团运动纯粹是“反动势力总动员”,是慈禧太后在西方国家指责其镇压戊戌变法、囚禁光绪皇帝,要求其让光绪复位、实行变法的大背景下,对西方恼羞成怒,又无法调动李鸿章、张之洞等务实派大臣,于是煽动义…

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0 Sep 22, 2012


題目:《中國禾場的屬靈爭戰》作者:洪予健時間:2012年8月12日經文:帖前2:2;林前3:10-13 I.感謝主,本人非常榮幸能受邀在慶祝中華基督教首爾教會建堂百周年的研討會上分享對中國工場事工在神面前的領受。 首先,我以一個中國傳道人的身份,向韓國教會,特別是许许多多奔赴中…

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0 Sep 5, 2012


摘譯者:劉良淑(《恩福》雜誌執行編輯)原作者:沃弗(Miroslav Volf) 原書: A Public Faith: How Followers of Christ Should Serve the Common Good (譯為:公共領域的信仰:基督的門徒如何服務公益)出…

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0 Sep 1, 2012


  曼德 在今年臺灣大選前後,在中共宗教統戰直接幹預下,臺灣基督教會界的某些教牧人員著手在2013年舉辦「兩岸基督教論壇」,目前他們正在進行緊鑼密鼓的籌備工作。眾所周知,這是中共分化瓦解臺灣基督教界、拉攏收買親共動搖分子、打擊孤立堅持原則的教會的最狠毒的一招。此一褻瀆神的公義的…

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 守望网络期刊第32期. 然而王却并没有被暴怒冲昏头脑,而是作出了一个在人看来既仁慈又合理的决定:再给沙得拉、米煞、亚伯尼歌一次机会,只要他们肯拜偶像,过去的一切便可一笔勾销。 “我们决不侍奉你的神,也不敬拜你所立的金像!” ——2012年7月22日主日讲章   文/李小白 牧…

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0 Aug 3, 2012


转自守望网络期刊第32期. 北京守望教会                                  7月29日户外敬拜通报 各位亲爱的弟兄姊妹: 主内平安!本主日是今年的第三十个主日,天气潮湿闷热。据我们统计,除1位姊妹自周五被带到宾馆外,这个主日至少有19位弟兄姊妹在…

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Saving Pastor Gong

Please Help Saving jailed Pastor Gong of Huanan Chruch


Since Dec 2, 2012, my father Pastor Shengliang Gong had High Blood Pressure and Cerebral Infraction, but he never got the proper medical checkup and adequate treatments. Consequently, my father’s illness got worse and worse. More than once my father almost fell to the ground during last November.

Finally when he got the checkup on November 26th 2013, the doctor said my father’s illness was not very optimistic. He was having Cerebral Infraction, Encephalatrophy, Brain Lesions and Leukoaraiosis, etc. The doctor said that my father needs to have checkup every three months. So we repeatedly requested the prison officials to perform checkup accordingly, once every three months. The prison said that they had one done on April 17th, but refused to release the hospital’s medical treatments records and conclusions to neither my father nor the family members. They would not make any specific statements about my father’s illness. Now, my father and our family have no ideas about the level of his illness.

       Since my father illness, previously we could buy some appropriate medicines for him according to his known conditions pieced together from oral communications of diagnosis, after consulting with doctors. Though this won’t amount to totally healing, it was the only way our family could do for him under the circumstances. But now, as the prison withholding medical records from us, we are unable to know his condition and thus cannot providing suitable medicines for him-the very minimum request was denied of us.

       The inadequate medical treatments within the prison cannot give my father prompt and sufficient treatments. Yet the prison won’t send him to hospitals outside for necessary treatments and regular checkups, causing further serious damages to his health. The prison won’t allow him the fundamental human rights; they also deprive his right to know about his illness condition. The prison as law enforcement agency behaves illegally. Effectively, they are directly pushing my gravely ill father to dead end street of death.

       I appeal to the international communities concerning my father’s health and human rights conditions. Please join us to rally for my father and our family’s rights to medical records and the right to know the situation of my father’s sickness; also his right to have regular medical treatments, thereby saving his life and protect his fundamental rights!!


Pastor Shengliang Gong’s daughter: Huali Gong

June 30th 2014

Cell Phone: 13241248388

Han Kou prison department phone number: 027-83556018

Instructor Hanwen Wang: 15327298562




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